natural heritage
Ames is placed at the east of the region of Santiago, between Santiago and Brión. It is at the centre of the natural region of A Maía.

The municipality is bathed by the river Tambre and the river Sar and its affluents. It is located at the uppest part of the region of A Maía.


active tourism
The priviledged geographical situation and the good means of communication allow its inhabitants and visitors to enjoy nature. As the paths are short, anyone can visit the places with the highest artistic, landscape interest in the Galician autonomous community.
The Casa do Cruceiro is located where the Road to Santiago passes by, the "Portuguese Road".

Viajes Tambre


We know that food is one of the life pleasures that we all often try to enjoy. Here, the visitor will be able to taste the typical Galician gastronomy in hundreds of bars and restaurants in Santiago: meat and fish are the most outstanding food

The cuisine of Santiago de Compostela is made up of the typical Galician, healthy, varied and rich food.


art and culture
What can we say about Santiago de Compostela, artistically speaking? Its monumental character makes it worthy the visit and be admired by anyone who approaches the city.

Santiago is a place of pilgrimage for Christians thanks to its Cathedral, where different architectural styles are mixed.

arte y cultura
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